Saturday, February 1, 2014

Balinese Harmony Balls and the Influence of Hindu Religion

Religion is an important aspect in Balinese culture and traditions. This small island in Indonesia is littered with thousands of temples both monumental in size and small temples in the yard of the family home. This religious influence shows in a number of the designs of Harmony Ball pendants that are made there.

Bali is predominantly Hindu, although Indonesia is the second largest Muslim populated country on earth, and in the Hindu faith animals play a significant part. The image below is of the Hindu Elephant God, or Ganesha, on a Sterling Silver Harmony Ball made in Bali, this Ganesha is found in stone carvings on the front of many Hindu temples.
Ganesha, Hindu Elephant God Harmony Ball

The harmony ball below shows the Hindu symbol for 'Bali' which is used in many different ways within the culture and daily life of the Balinese.
Hindu Symbol for Bali on Harmony Ball

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