Harmony Necklace with Traditional Balinese Motifs

Sterling Silver Harmony Ball with Traditional Balinese Motifs on the 925 Silver Ball | Bola Necklace, Angel Caller, Pregnancy Gift 001
A Traditional Balinese Harmony Ball with cultural symbols on the Solid 925
Sterling Silver ornate outer casing - supplied complete with a Free
Chain so you can wear it as a necklace straight away.

This pendant will make a wonderful Pregnancy or Baby Shower Gift. If you or
the recipient are wanting to wear this pendant as a Pregnancy Necklace
then please see the detailed information further down the page.

#Size / Dimensions: This Harmony Ball is 20mm (7/8")  in diameter and
30mm (1 ¼") long including bail - as this item is handmade the
dimensions are approximate.
# Material(s):
● Harmony Ball Pendant: * Solid 925 Sterling Silver *
available at www.etsy.com/shop/HarmonyBalls , www.harmonyballpendant.com and www.harmonyball.net.au . Read about the BENEFITS of WEARING a HARMONY BALL WHEN PREGNANT here. You can also find these products on these other sites - Harmony Ball Earrings, Traditional Balinese, Tree of Life Harmony Balls, Silver Chains, Pregnancy Gifts, Birthstone Harmony Balls, Harmony Ball Bracelets.
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